The Edwards Brothers
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 The Jim Myers Quartet



In Concert 

Younger brother Bruce is finally welcomed into the musical family circle.


  • The Beat-Ables 1.0


    Lead singer Larry Betts was the band's the first frontman in 1965. Kid brother Bruce was their fresh-faced 14-year-old drummer.

  • Media Darlings


    The band was interviewed for a newspaper article titled Dinner Music Vs. Rock and Roll. They were singled out for their ease in switching between rock and easy-listening material.

  • Robbie Returns


    Former Jim Myers Quartet bassist Robbie McBeath became the band's first guitar player. This 1966 photo offers a glimpse of the band's dynamic onstage presence.


    Clowning For the Press


    San Francisco newspapers ran this photo to promote the Countdown USA battle of the bands. Posters billed the event as a "Big Beat Mod Spectacular."


    New Member


    Guitar player Danny Haynes joined the Beat-Ables in 1967. Despite being the youngest member in the band, he played like a seasoned pro.






Actual "Phone" tape


Hollywood on the Phone


The Beat-Ables received an early chance at rock music stardom, thanks to renown Hollywood music arranger Jimmie Haskell. He was looking for a contemporary rock band to makeover a 50's rock tune. The band's updated version went over so well that success seemed like a slam dunk—only it didn't quite turn out that way.


"Get Off The Phone" (1965)




The Beat-Ables: Live!


This home movie from 1966 is the only film record of The Beat-Ables performing live. The footage reveals the bands delightful onstage antics, including Bruce dancing around his drums while playing them. Unfortunately, home movie cameras of the day didn't record sound, so an appropriate home recording was dubbed in.


The Beat-Ables Ledger


Meticulous Accounting


Original lead singer Larry Betts believed in keeping accurate records of all financial expenditures. His ledger entries include multiple $7 payments to Pinky's Pizza, an $18 reimbursement to the brothers' mom for shirts, and several "severance payments" to a disgruntled former guitar player.



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